Chikara Pheromone

Chikara is a popular and one of the best-selling pheromones available from It contains a concoction of  androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone as well as four mystery compounds. Androstenone is a so-called “alpha male” pheromone.

This establishes dominance in a sort of “animal” sense, and can make a woman feel like she should be more submissive. There is approximately 15ml of solution per product, which is enough to last a couple weeks with regular use.

First Impression

Chikara pheromone cologne has been described as masculine and refreshing. The more you’re around women, the better your results. Oftentimes, women who normally give a glance are much more flirtatious and engaging when using pheromones, which can make dating a lot easier. It can be hard for women to ignore someone who’s wearing them.

Chikara lasts about six hours at full strength, with an additional hour’s worth of lingering effect. Most pheromone “colognes,” only last for four to five hours.

31jZVsRtElL._SL500_SS500_Customers have described it as pleasant, light, musky, with a rather complex sexual pheromone formula.  Many of the Love-Scent customers like to mix it up with another brand called New Pheromone Additive or Primal Instinct. Some users have felt that as a stand-alone product it was less effective and worked best when mixed with another pheromone brands.


The hypothesis is that since it contains 7 different pheromones you would have to use a heavier dose to get a sufficient social response. In particular, the androstenone concentration is quite low and would explain the rather subtle sexual undertones.

This tends to conflict with the other school of thought that believes since one spray contains .1ml of pheromone, it’s best to go light instead of using a heavy dose.

People generally respond to the scent in positive ways. The combination of androstenone, androstenol, and andrsoterone tends to make young women ( in their mid 20s and slightly older) submissive according to reviews.

Gel Pack

The gel packs use the same pheromone formula as the 15 ml scented and unscented bottles but comes in a small sample size. Because of their low cost they are ideal for beginners or someone who just wants to try the product out for the first time without investing considerable amounts of money Usually, people just dab a little on their necks and wrists and let the pheromones do the rest of the work.

There is a “less is more” approach when it comes to the correct amount to apply. For many, just a single application is enough. Don’t apply a lot of the cologne when you wear it come either; simply apply to 2 to 3 dabs for best effect.

Is It Worth It?

Fortunately, it is reasonably priced. It costs about $60 for a month’s supply making it well worth it.

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