Dating Tips for 2017

So, you still have not found Mr. Right yet, but all that can change in 2017! It may not, but it really all depends on what you do because only you really have to power to influence your own future with regard to what kind of man you are going to be dating for the New Year. If you do not want to misspend another moment of your life listening to one of Adele’s sappy songs about broken heartedness while you console yourself over the light of a single, flickering candle as you wallow in your aloneness, you had better start making some dating resolutions for 2012!

1. More Calling!

Some women prefer to text their potential boyfriends, but this can backfire on you in a heartbeat. Take me, for instance. I started chatting up a cute guy I met one night, and we then started texting each other for 4 months. We always made plans to get together for dating, but they always fell through. Lesson learned? I should’ve just stopped texting, called him and then made plans to see him in person that first week! Aaaargh!

2. Less Passivity

If you assume that men enjoy to chase women and also suffer from a morbid fear of rejection, that can turn your datinglife into a passive existence full of self-torturing questions? For example, does he want to hook up with me or when is he going to ask me out? Instead of caring what he wants, simply focus on your own needs, girlfriend. After all, you’re a 21st-century woman.

3. Stop being jealous!

If you are not dating a cute fella, you could be inclined to become jealous of some of your friends who want to stay in and rather spend the night with their boyfriend. In this situation, you can always fall back to your still-single friends and have tons more fun with your single-lifestyle activities that you can attend to. You can go dancing at clubs, go see a movie or just hang out…like Thelma and Louise.

4. Red

Wear more red! Wear it as a sign of your dating resolution to simply change things up more and become more daring. For example, while you can still like the you who dons glasses, you can also get used to the you who likes to wear a flaming red blouse.

5. Date outside your Type

Dating only the cute boys whom you regard as your so-called type can lead to an unsatisfying and trapped dating life that may end in a perpetual cycle of failure and, thus, frustration. The problem with only dating your type is that you can get stuck in a rut of always repeating the same misjudgments with respect to the men you date. Thus, try to look for new qualities in the guys you pursue.

6. Don’t get quickly impressed

When you date a new boy, you want to guard yourself against getting too impressed too quickly with every little thing he does. Most of it is actually quite commonplace, actually. So don’t get impressed if he brought you your favorite flavor of ice cream because expressions of liking someone are extremely expected these days in the dating world.

7. Be yourself!

The cliché aside for just a moment, being yourself has to do with the fact that you like who you are. As a result, you do not want to change and bend to what your boyfriend would like you to do. However, I advise you like you for who you are, and if that means changing the guy you are dating…so be it.

8. Don’t fabricate non-existent Romance

Stop getting so depressed if you have been in a dating slump for some time. This means guarding yourself against settling for undesirable options, such as guy friends who were never interested and won’t ever be in the future! Chasing non-existent romance will help save you trouble and time.

9. Stop Doomsday Dating

If you have failed at dating, you could develop cynicism over it. For example, if you learn that your ex-boyfriend lives close to where your new, potential beau lives, you would wrongly associate your ex-boyfriend’s attitude with your new boyfriend’s! In other words, stop overreacting and only start getting worried if something adverse actually happens…not prior to it happening.

10. Dating…can actually…be fun

Yes, it can be! For 2017,  you should ditch any type of pessimism about whom you are seeing. Simply live in the moment, philosophically at least, and therefore proceed to just enjoying the man of the moment whom you are with…at the current moment! So desist from being concerned over a comment he made or what this guy’s motives are, and just be thankful that you are in the company of someone you like.

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