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Love, family, friendships, and business are all influenced by trust. It also plays an important role in politics and within economic institutions. Without it, political leaders would lose the support of the people.

About Oxytocin

liquid-trust-sprayOne area of ongoing research is the study of trust on a biological level. How exactly does it work on a biological basis among humans? We know that intranasal absorption of the neuropeptide oxytocin can increase social bonding in mammals and may significantly increase feelings of trust among humans.

Alters Human Behavior

Oxytocin alters a person’s acceptance of social risks occurring through social interaction. In mammals, its primary role is to regulate day-to-day behavior, which includes parental bonding and positive social interactions. Because of its behavioral influence on animals, it has been hypothesized that Oxytocin positively influences positive social interactions among humans.

If you have been alive any time in the last twenty years you have probably heard the word ‘pheromone’ used at least once, maybe twice.There are some who would refer to it as a love potion, and there are others that see it as the ultimate solution to their relationship issues whether they simply cannot talk to women or they have trouble addressing their significant other.

A Natural Hormone

Oxytocin is a natural hormone/neurotransmitter in your blood and brain. It’s closely related to vasopressin (which maintains the amount of water in your body).  It’s full uses haven’t been studied, but its currently medically used to induce labor and induce lactation.  Studies are in progress concerning its use for socially shy people, autistic people and in general the way it interacts concerning trust, maternal behavior, love and sexual arousal.

Today we are here to clear up a few things. For one, Liquid Trust it is not a pheromone potion, not by any means. Contrary to popular belief, Oxytocin is indeed a hormone released from the pituitary gland and not a pheromone.

Oxytocin Increase Trust In Humans

Studies conducted over 50 years ago suggest that inhalation of oxytocin may win someone’s trust. What is important to consider is whether today’s oxytocin sprays actually contain comparable amounts to the quantity performed in the studies. If it’s a lot less than it probably will not do much.

First Impressions

Those who have used Liquid Trust have found it to be helpful have also stated that it’s not a true pheromone. In fact, it doesn’t contain any pheromones at all. Instead, it contains Oxytocin, the chemical that we described earlier.

The interesting thing about Oxytocin is that it can be used to treat various social phobias and disorders. It tends to make people trust you, which will allow you to forge relationships that might have been ‘off limits’ to you otherwise.

Liquid trust uses a more proprietary blend which creates an airborne form of Oxytocin. This will not only elevate your own Oxytocin but also the Oxytocin of those around you.

Increases Trust

When not used as a sexual attractant customers have reported strong results using this product to increase trust among coworkers. If you work in retail or sales it could help you by improving social interaction with customers, minimize hassles and boost sales, all the while increasing your confidence. If you have kids they may behave better while remaining calm when you wear it. It could help you do well during a job interview.

Increases Bonding

Oxytocin is the mammalian “bonding hormone” responsible for aspect of human nature like the female maternal instinct. Also, both men and women release oxytocin after having sex. This is natures way of keeping couples together in order to raise children. Now I know what you are thinking. “But I fuck lots of bitches and I could give two shits about sticking around.”


The thing is, testosterone blunts the effects of oxytocin, and men have a lot more testosterone than women. On of the primitive chemical level, this a potential explanation as to why women (stereotypically) want to cuddle after sex, and men want to either leave or go to sleep

If memory serves me, there was a study done in the late 90’s that showed that significantly lower levels of oxytocin in autistic children (aspects of aspergers and autism are similar).

I can only imagine how hard pickup must be when you can’t adequately empathize with human emotion in others. Then again, most of pickup is about living in your own strong reality and being largely unaffected by others, so in this sense someone with Aspergers could possibly game very well. I would think the comfort stage would be a real problem though..


It works better on your intended target at close range and should be used in an indoor setting. Effects do no appear to last long so make sure to use it strategically and wisely as there is no odor and it is hard to detect when it wears off. Oxytocin has a half-life of 3 minutes outside the body and decays rapidly. When you ingest oxytocin via an intranasal spray, it actually stays in your brain for up to 4 hours.

Short-Lasting Results

The half life of natural oxytocin in the bloodstream is 3 and a half minutes, but the concentrations of natural release into the central nervous system (crossed the blood brain barrier) are still not well known in humans.

It’s a good idea to refrigerate your supply to prolong the shelf life. For example, if you’re going on a date apply it a half hour before you meet up and a couple more sprays right before. With just a couple squirts I noticed women were more open to conversation. On my first dating experience, I went out with a beautiful brunette for dinner.

Is It Worth It?

The major selling point from the manufacturer Vero Labs is that “if you use this pheromone compound, you will see that people will open up, trust and even want to desire you.”  The product appears to work well when you need to boost your trustworthiness around women or friends but it does not seem to have an effect on sexual attraction.

People tend to warm up and become more talkative and bond more but they do not become sexual.  When used in the right context such as during an important business meeting it can be very effective at winning people over. In other words, it works great at work and in social gatherings but not when you’re trying to pick up a date or attract the opposite sex. It should also be noted that it won’t create confidence out of thin air but will serve to signal and enhance what you already have.

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