Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction GoldA lot has been said about pheromones and their ability to increase your success with the ladies. Max Attraction Gold is a high quality pheromone cologne that can make it easier for you to attract women.

How Max Attraction Gold Works

Pheromones emissions are detected as a signal in a small spot located in the nose that is called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). The VNO’s main function is to detect chemical stimuli pheromones. 
Our everyday hygienic habits like showering, the use of perfumes and cosmetic products diminish the potency of these chemicals communications.


MAX+A+2Max Attraction Gold contains eight different pheromone concoctions. A single spray can deliver results for up to four to six hours due to the high concentration. 

Max Attract Gold contains some of the most potent alpha pheromones like androstenone, androstenol and androsterone.

They have been known to assert the dominance of the alpha male. They are incredibly important for the chemistry and the sexual attraction between a man and a woman.
 Several studies  examined the behavior of ladies after they sense the combination of pheromones contained in Max Attraction Gold.  It was concluded that the women  that smelled the cologne exhibited higher desire to establish eye contact and to flirt through body language.

First Impressions

The high concentration of pheromones in Max is  sufficient for a long period of time. It tends to be more expensive than other brands but one bottle contains a high concentration that should pay for itself.
 Apart from containing a powerful blend of pheromones, it elicits a pleasant, clean scent. It is unobtrusive, yet noticeable and appealing. 

Everyone who purchases the cologne will get access to a great range of seduction videos that should increase success with the ladies even further.


High quality pheromones need to have the right formula and right concentration to work.  There is science behind the use of these colognes and that make them so desirable. The chemical signals increase sexual attraction, making it easier for men to find a partner. These products are perfectly safe and can provide great results. Max Attraction Gold is  a satisfying cologne that can increase your success with women and lead to a more enjoyable and satisfactory sex life.

Is It Worth It?

Luvessentials offers with a 30-day money back guarantee, which means that trying the perfume is 100 percent risk-free.

 It’s suitable for men who want to find a new romantic partner and for the ones that are already in a relationship and just need to spice things up. People who tried the cologne reported greater intimacy, higher self-confidence, and more social interactions.

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