Passion Copulin Concentrate (PCC)

Passion Copulin Concentrate, also known as PCC, is a strong Copulin pheromone for women. Designed to emit signals that can only be picked up on a subconscious level, this product helps women become more attractive and confident around men. Like other types of pheromones, Copulin works by enhancing a woman’s sexuality and making her more attractive.


Copulins can make a woman feel more confident, seductive and beautiful. It can even elevate her mood and rekindle her sex life. Although it has a concentrated formula, Passion Copulin has a light fruity smell. Since pheromones work subconsciously, people can’t detect them, which allows you to wear them discretely.

First Impressions

  • Makes women more attractive to men
  • Improves confidence
  • Increases male testosterone levels up to 150 percent
  • Improves sexual arousal
  • Makes women more approachable


Although PCC can come in different types of packaging, it’s usually sold in small perfume bottles. A bottle of pheromone perfume might seem tiny compared to traditional perfume bottles, but remember that a little goes a long way. You can spray them on the typical targets like the neck, wrist and chest areas or behind the ears. Keep in mind, pheromones are powerful, so don’t use too much.

Your body chemistry can have a big effect on how the pheromone works, so it’s important to pay attention to the amount you use and how much attention you get from men. Start off by using a very small quantity. If you don’t see results, increase the dosage. Try experimenting with different dosages until you find what works best with your body chemistry.


Any woman can benefit from wearing pheromones, especially a strong formula like Passion Copulin. It’s great for single women who are shy or who have trouble attracting men. Sometimes even when men do notice women they are hesitant to approach them because they themselves are shy or hesitant.

Sensing a pheromone like Passion Copulin on a subconscious level can make them feel at ease and make it easier for them to take that first step and approach a woman they find attractive. Women who wear pheromones are not only more attractive, but they also appear more friendly and approachable.

It sends a signal that they are open for conversation and flirting. If you have trouble around men or have no idea how to flirt, wearing a pheromone can help you feel more confident and at ease. It’s a good option if you haven’t had any good luck with dating or if you simply want to get more attention from men.

Rekindle Romance

Passion Copulin Concentrate can also work for women who have lost the spark in their relationships. If you feel that your boyfriend or husband is becoming distant, you can try wearing pheromones to reignite the fire in your relationship.  They can help improve long-term relationships that tend to get boring and monotonous once the couple falls into a specific routine.

Spice Up Your Love Life

Because they heighten sexual attraction between two people, they are effective at spicing up your love life.

Is It Worth It?

PPC is a great pheromone perfume for women and very affordable. Most women refresh their dosage after four to six hours. Keep in mind that it might take you some time before you know exactly how to get the most out of wearing a product like Passion Copulin Concentrate.

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