Pherazone For Women

Pheromones are chemical factors secreted by the body specifically the testes in men and the ovaries in women as well as in the adrenal glands in both sexes. These chemical substances, of which there are four types, namely, copulins, androstenone, androstenol, and androstandienone have social and sexual effects.

Copulins, the main pheromones secreted by women, can increase male testosterone levels by as much as 150%; the obvious effect is an increased sense of sexual attraction on a subliminal level.


The pheromones in Pherazone for Women are detected via the vomeronasal organ located inside the nose. Once the organ detects the chemical factors, appropriate signals are sent to the hypothalamus, the brain’s center for emotions. The individual smelling the scent then reacts in the desired manner, which can range from friendly feelings to intense sexual attraction.

Pherazone for Women Formula

Pherazone for women contains the following pheromone formula:

• 5-alpha-androstenone
• a-alpha-androstadienol
• beta-epi-androstenol
• beta-androstenol
• proprietary additives (including fragrances, we can surmise)

Once sprayed on the hot spots (i.e., wrists, nape of neck, and cleavage), it has a light floral scent with a citrus base – almost summery in its appeal while still being full-on seductive. It is certainly a scent that men cannot refuse, not to mention that the combination of pheromones is potent.

First Impressions

Pherazone for Women should be directly applied on the pulse points as well as on clothing for maximum effect. It can hold its scent for 4 to 6 hours depending on several factors like body heat, sweat, and skin chemistry. Just make sure not to spray too much because doing so will not increase the pheromones’ efficacy, not to mention that too much perfume will be a turnoff.

When in doubt, start with just a small amount. You can then increase or decrease depending on what works best for your skin and your purposes.

Increase Feelings of Love

Love at first sight – this is the most common way to describe the feeling of falling in love with a man upon setting your eyes on him. Before looking into the details of the product, let’s first take a look at the role of smell in sexual attraction between the sexes.

Studies have proven that the human sense of smell can actually discern more scents and affect more emotional decisions than were previously realized. In fact, our sense of smell reaches the brain’s emotional center faster than our other senses, which means that it also affects our decision in finding mates.

The process happens on a subliminal level, thus, explaining the seemingly unexplainable effect of women being attracted to men who are not usually their types. Smell played a significant role in the sexual attraction.


Thanks to the high-quality pheromones infused into Pherazone for Women fragrance, users reported the following.

• Increased sense of self-confidence. This may well be because the scent itself is attractive to the nose, thus, endowing the wearer with the confidence that love at first sight followed by love at first smell can happen. Keep in mind that confidence is a trait men find highly attractive in women.

• Seductive scent coupled with an undeniable yet indefinable sex appeal.

Is It Worth It?

Again, men subconsciously react to the pheromones in the fragrance. You will observe men approaching and then flirting with you in bars, discos and other social venues. You will even find your boyfriend or husband becoming more amorous in and out of bed. Pherazone for Women is world class pheromone perfume that can’t be ignored.

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