Primal Instinct For Women

Even in our liberated society, women are more likely to wait for the man to take the first move instead of taking the more aggressive role during the initial stages of modern-day courtship. Pheromones-infused products like Primal Instinct for Women come in handy when you want a boost in your love life.


Primal-InstinctThe main ingredients are androstenol and copulins.

In a nutshell, pheromones are chemical secretions produced by the testes in men and ovaries in women as well as in the adrenal and apocrine glands in both sexes. These natural secretions influence the social and sexual attraction between men and women although said attraction happens on a subconscious level.

Think of it this way: You are inexplicably attracted to a man who may or may not even be your usual type. Your nose may be at fault, so to speak,  because it has picked up on the scent of chemical secretions from the man’s pleasant body smell. This is especially true when in close proximity although your sense of sight also plays  significant role in your attraction.

Research Based Pheromones

Primal Instinct for Women is based on scientific studies regarding the effect of human pheromoness. In a research study by Kirk-Smith, participants were divided into the control group with androstenol-treated masks and the placebo group with non-treated masks. Both groups were asked to rate photos of people, animals and buildings.

The individuals in the control group were more likely to rate the photos as “warm” or “friendly” than those in the placebo. By the way, androstenol is known as the icebreaker pheromone because it stimulates feelings of approachability, friendliness and sociability in both sexes.

Other Studies

Other studies point to the efficacy of copulins, which are also present in Primal Instinct for Women as one of its ingredients. Copulins are women-only pheromones, which have been shown to increase men’s testosterone levels by as much as 150%. This can lead to greater degrees of sexual attraction.

How does the human nose detect these chemical substances and how does the brain react? Located within the nose is the vomeronasal organ, which is so sensitive it can pick up small amounts of pheromones in products like Primal Instinct for Women. When the brain picks up the scent, it sends the signal to the hypothalamus for the appropriate response – either social or sexual attraction.

Take note that the hypothalamus is the brain’s emotional center This explains why you feel attracted to a certain person yet you feel that there is no rhyme or reason to it. Your sense of smell is at work.

First Impressions

This product is unscented so it should  be used with perfume.


From the above mentioned discussion on how pheromones work, the following conclusions can be made about the results of using Primal Instinct for Women:

Increased sexual attraction with the opposite sex

Androstenol and copulins work to increase your social and sexual levels of attractiveness in the eyes of men. Androstenol enhances your aura of approachability and friendliness so that men are more likely to make the first move – smile, come over to where you are and engage in friendly small talk. Then copulins stimulate sexual feelings in men.

Boost in Your Social life

Your social life will also benefit by way of more male and female friends. Just imagine the potential number of personal and professional contacts you can add to your network. Primal Instinct for Women lasts for 6 hours  with just 2 drops. It’s best not to use too much as you may actually turn off men – a side effect, if you may.

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