Super Primal Pheromone

Sexual attraction is both a primeval need and a modern want. Men and women must be attracted to each other in a sexual manner for the perpetuation of the species as well as for the fulfillment of a deep-seated need to love and be loved. A lot of products have been purveyed to enhance sexual attraction between the sexes, of which the Super Primal Pheromones for Her are just an example.

Of course, these pheromones are made to excite the sense of smell among men albeit in a subconscious manner instead of in a conscious way, the latter of which is true for conventional fragrances like perfumes, body sprays and colognes. In the case of Super Primal Pheromones for Her, this product has a very mild scent so that it can easily be blended into conventional fragrances while still eliciting the desired sexual stimulation in the opposite sex.

Super Primal Formula

Super-Primal-Human-Female-PheromonesMen are known to secrete 3 types of pheromones, namely, androstenone, androstenol and androsterone while women only elicit one known pheromone – copulins. These pheromones affect the social and sexual attractiveness of the individual in different ways.

For example, copulins increase the testosterone levels of men who can detect them.

How is the female pheromone detected by men? In the same way that women detect male pheromones – via the vomeronasal organ lying between the mouth and the nose. When the organ detects the pheromone scent, the brain then acts on it via appropriate signals like increased sexual attraction.


The Super Primal pheromones are obviously copulins because these chemical factors have been proven to stimulate testosterone levels in men. Copulins are usually released in their highest quantities when women are in their ovulation stage. With the use of Super Primal for Her, however, men will continue to be attracted to its female wearer even when she is not in heat, so to speak.

First Impressions

Aside from pheromones, the product also contains ginseng and ylang-ylang for its very mild yet alluring scent. Ginseng, a well-known aphrodisiac with notable use in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men, has an energizing aroma. When inhaled, it stimulates feelings of being invigorated, refreshed and energized – qualities that men want when around their women.

Ylang-ylang has an intensely sweet, floral and slightly spicy aroma – a heady aroma, indeed. The flower is also used for relaxation in aromatherapy so any man who inhales its scent is more likely to feel comfortable around its source.


Due to it’s unique blend of pheromones, the results are truly satisfactory:

• Increased level of sexual attractiveness from the opposite sex. According to some women, men seem to gravitate toward them in a friendly yet sexier way. They become the target of seductive flirting from men.
• Improved social relationships with the same sex. Copulins appear to make women friendlier toward other women. Case in point: Studies have shown that women who live together in non-sexual settings tend to menstruate at similar times.

Is It Worth It?

In short, Super Primal pheromones stimulate an aura of sexual attractiveness and social approachability between men and women. You can enjoy more male suitors and more female friends provided that you adopt a certain attitude of being approachable, friendly and social.

Super Primal for Her is also easy to use. Just dab a small amount of the liquid in your usual “hot spots” (i.e., wrists, nape, and between the breasts) and you are set to go. You may or may not spray on your favorite scented cologne on top. It’s worth giving the Super Primal pheromones a try. You never know what you may gain.

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