Top Pheromones To Get Laid

As pheromones continue to cement their status in the everyday life, we will see more and more products with the word pheromone on the label. In the meantime, synthetic versions of human pheromone may soon blaze a new frontier in medicine. As we’ll see in the next chapter, scientists continue to examine innovative ways in treating human ailments and disease, using the VNO for pharmaceuticals.

Despite our fascination with technology, finance, designer clothing, and expensive automobiles, we are still drawn toward topics that involve what else ourselves. We especially love to talk about how we can enhance our love lives or why a certain love affair was passionate and almost too hot to handle and another short-lived and dull. We like to talk about our interactions with other people and how our own bodies and body chemistries might be influencing such interactions. We want to know how pheromones affect all areas of our lives from the boardroom to the bedroom to get you laid.

And what will the future bring? Will pheromones be forever relegated to discussions of why we fell head over heels in love with the football player in college but not the handsome engineering student who had a much more promising future, or will they someday have more practical applications? As research into this evolving field of science continues, the answers will undoubtedly surprise and fascinate us. Remarkable things are happening with pheromone research, and it’s likely that these in-ll visible, odorless molecules produced in the skin will become an important part of your life in new ways. Might there someday exist a magical love potion capable of; turning people into eager and willing love slaves? Possibly, but ill for now it’s important to focus on what pheromones and their derivatives may be able to do if current research and clinical studies pan out as anticipated.

How you incorporate top pheromones into your life will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. We do know this: Pheromone technology is poised to enter your local pharmacy and, potentially, your own medicine cabinet. And that, as you are about to find out, is very good news.

Paying Through the Nose

A mail-order cosmetics company in Australia purports it may K have found the solution to dealing with people who don’t pay  their bills on time. The answer? Overdue notices sprayed with what the company claims are pheromones. “Payment-inducing pheromones” are marketed by David Craddock of London-based Bodywise Ltd. The company has created a substance called Aeolus 7+, a blend of androstenol and androsterone that is said to put debtors in friendly moods, the hoped-for result of which is payment of the late bill. The pheromones in question are supposed to subconsciously con- vince the delinquent customer to pay the bill by making him feel , more at ease and also more likely to get out the checkbook.

To find out if Aeolus 7+ could deliver on its promise, the  company conducted an experiment in which it mailed one thousand overdue bills, half of which had been treated with putative pheromones. Though not spectacular, the results were interesting: Customers who received the treated bills remitted their payments 17 percent more frequently than did the customers who received the untreated bills. Bodywise claims that the pheromones in Aeolus 7+ work on people’s moods, but some scientists have said that it contains pig pheromones, which will not affect the human VNO. Nonetheless, Bodywise is dipping its toes into what could become a practice among retailers. Some human pheromones can help put people in relaxed, content moods. Perhaps there is a correlation to feeling at ease and spending money, whether on over- due bills or new merchandise.

What would happen if you could send authentic human pheromonal messages through the mail—pheromones that activate the VNO of the recipient and cause his or her hypothalamus, the seat of emotional expression and mood control, to respond accordingly? What if retailers could purchase a specially synthesized pheromone designed to make a normally conservative, unimpulsive person an overnight catalog shopaholic? Think about the possibility of opening a fashion magazine and being overwhelmed by the urge to buy the items advertised within.

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