What Are Pheromones?

Scientists discovered a long time ago that certain hormones, called pheromones, are instantly causing an increased sexual appetite in animals. This is why, for example, dogs get excited in the presence of a female in heat. Pheromones are not only present in the animal kingdom, but in humans as well.


Pheromones are naturally produced by humans and they are used to communicate to the subconscious level with others. Unfortunately, due to the evolution of the species, the way humans perceive pheromones altered. Many of us no longer produce enough pheromones to naturally stimulate a response from the opposite sex. The small amount of pheromones is also frequently destroyed by perfumes or deodorants.

If pheromones are odorless, colorless and microscopic particles, you may be wondering how they work in attracting women. The answer is a simple one. Humans instinctively pick up the pheromones emitted by a member of the opposite sex through a tiny organ called the vomeronasal organ, which is located inside the nose. This small organ is connected with the center of sexual desire in the brain and that is why a woman is automatically intrigued and attracted by a man emitting pheromones. In many cases, she cannot explain her attraction, and this is perhaps the explanation for “chemistry” between people.

How can you benefit from pheromones?

You can benefit from the advantages of the women attracting pheromones in a number of ways, but the simplest method is wearing a deodorant or perfume that contains these substances. You can find these either online or in your local drugstore. Pay attention to the description of the products, as some of them contain larger amounts of pheromones than others.

From the first day you start wearing a perfume or deodorant that is enhanced with pheromones you will feel that some people are acting differently towards you. Even though they may not realize it, you will certainly feel it. The good news is that not only you will be perceived as more attractive by women, but your male colleagues will sometimes alter their behavior towards you. This can only lead to a more successful and fun filled life.

If you are already in a relationship, it does not mean you cannot benefit from pheromones as well. As soon as you start wearing such a perfume, you will notice that your sexual life will be more animalistic and physical. You may actually find yourself in the situation of having difficulties in satisfying her appetite.

Pheromones are of course very helpful for those who are just looking for a fling. Women have the ability of sensing them unconsciously, and as these substances act as powerful sexual attractants, women will be instinctively drawn towards you. In addition to that, you will be perceived as a powerful, amusing, trustworthy and confident person.

Do pheromones work for everyone?

In short, women attracting pheromones have the same effect regardless of the person who is wearing them. The only thing that you should be cautious about is smoking, as the success of the pheromones could be lower in this case. Non-smoking women are generally attracted more by fellow non-smokers. Likewise, women who smoke may not perceive the pheromones in the same way non-smokers do, mostly because their sense of smell is decreased.

If you are looking forward to trying the power of pheromones in order to improve your sexual life, you should be aware of the fact that even though you will notice an increased interest of women in your person, this will not automatically transform you into a sex symbol. You will still need to do the work in order to conquer a woman, but you will certainly find this to be easier than in the past.

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